Trenton Garmon is a Member & Active Supporter of American Autism Society and Catholic Charities of America. He serves Catholic Charities of America and as a Friend of the Friars partaking and participating in weekly Masses at EWTN as a practicing Catholic.

Serving others is a passion for Trent.  While he considers his legal services as a ministry service to the community, Garmon has served philanthropically as a medical missionary, in disaster relief, evangelism, pastoral care, lead pastor and support roles for Churches and nonprofits.  

Following what he called “an inescapable drawing of Jesus Christ” and commitment on April 26, 2006 and baptism on April 30, 2006, Garmon was first employed with Harvest Fellowship Baptist Church under Pastor Ricky Tillis, a former coach to him, as part of an inner-city Church Plant where he served from 2006-2007.  Garmon served as an Associate Evangelical Evangelist from 2007 to 2014 with Bob Boyd Evangelistic Association under Dr. Bob Boyd and Evangelism International under Evangelist Gene Strictland.   He weekly served with the Community Food Pantry as a distribution driver and assistant while a student at Regent University from 2008-2009.  

While serving Dr. Boyd and Evangelist Strictland, Garmon served on gospel crusade teams who have hosted city-wide and region-wide “good news” crusades in five (5) nations in Africa, India, Mexico and the United States.  The crusades were done under the leadership of local churches who facilitated medical and material supply missions in conjunction with the gatherings.  

India 2012 with Evangelism International 

He shared the Christian Gospel with crowds of ten (10) to over ten thousand (10,000) in person over a seven (7) year bi-vocational career as an Associate Evangelist.  The teams he has served with also conducted eight (8) medical missions on three (3) continents with Dr. Frederick Wayne Kelley or another physician, simply referred to as “Dr. Kumar”.  

Garmon has served as Legal Counsel in “church planting” which includes planting “Church of the Coast” under the Association of Related Churches and sponsor church, Church of the Highlands.  Church of the Coast.  Garmon served as a volunteer Lead Pastor for three (3) years, was a multiethnic, multiclass, non-denominational evangelical church.  

During the three (3) years the organization facilitated nearly one-hundred services averaging ninety-two (92) in attendance compared to the national average of fifty-four (54) for the age of the church.  Church of the Coast performed routine philanthropic service projects in Pinellas County, Florida to include distributing more than three-thousand (3,000) meals on two (2) occasions thanks to the generous donation of GA Foods.  

Church of the Coast also served the victims of Hurricane Irma by distributing over one ton (2,000 lbs) of food, water and supplies.   Garmon refers to it as “one of the most rewarding seasons and yet providential mistakes of my life” confirming “the relationships were worth it, but I would do a lot of things differently looking back”. It is estimated that along with his children, Garmon and his wife served 5,000 hours and 3,000 hours respectively as volunteer Pastors for the Church in addition to supporting financially. 

The organization hosted Christian Artists Ryan Stevenson, Jordan Feliz, and Rush of Fools.  Over the three (3) years,  5,730 people heard the Evangelical Gospel of Jesus Christ in person in a Church of the Coast service via a “Dream Team” of volunteers and friends.  It was from this experience as a “Lead Pastor” that Garmon credits with illuminating an awareness as to the uniqueness of the Catholic Church to which he subsequently converted being confirmed at St. James in Gadsden, Alabama by Father Jos Chako at Easter of 2019. 

Garmon is a Member & Active Supporter of American Autism Society and Catholic Charities of America. He has a life-long commitment of ¬†feeding “one homeless person a day”, supports Catholic Charities of America and considers himself a participating Media Missionary partaking in weekly Masses & Rosary Prayers at EWTN for the Global Catholic Network with a Community of lay believers. Garmon attends Church of the Highlands – Grants Mill and St. Paul’s Cathedral in Birmingham, Alabama. ¬†

(Copyright – revised 10 December 2020 – David Freeman)